South African Trade Shows and Expos in Virtual Reality

The South African Construction Expo and Totally Concrete Expo is one of the biggest Trade shows in South Africa for the building industry. The South African Construction Expo took place on the 11th to the 13th of June 2019 at the Gallagher Convection Centre at 19 Richards Drive, Halfway House, Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. Read more

360° Video Cape Town South Africa – Virtual Reality

We recently traveled to Cape Town South Africa for a commercial 360° video for one of our big corporate clients in the banking industry. Although we cannot talk about the virtual reality and 360° video that we created for them we can talk about the experience and show some candid 360° video that we took during our visit to Cape Town for this commercial 360° video shoot.

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Virtual Reality Birthday Parties Johannesburg South Africa

We are extremely passionate about virtual reality and we love to share the experience with as many people as we can. We usually do not do Virtual Reality Birthday Parties but because of our passion to bring Virtual Reality to as many people as we can, we could not say no! Our main focus with our Mixed Reality company is corporate clients and businesses.

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Virtual Reality Engineering Consulting Service

We were approached by MegChem to provide them with virtual reality consulting services. They were interested in using Virtual Reality as part of their engineering processes and to look at the structures they create in 3D Modelling and Engineering software in Virtual Reality to visually inspect their design to visually identify thing that they can design better.

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Virtual Reality Extreme Sport

Virtual Reality Skiing is a extremely popular virtual reality experience for companies looking for Extreme Sports Virtual Reality experiences. We recently assisted an Events agency with one of their activation at the Gone Skiing shop in Johannesburg South Africa. The marketing company was promoting holiday packages for skiing in Lesotho. The virtual reality activation took place at the Gone Skiing shop, providing the ideal setting for promoting skiing.

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Mixed Reality in Germany 2019

We created a custom virtual reality solution for AGCO for the International Green Week which were held in Germany from the 18th to the 27th of January 2019. This was one of our first projects for the year and indeed one of the most exciting ones to start of the year. As part of the custom virtual reality experience and development AGCO also invited us to Germany to assist them with their virtual reality activation and their stand in Germany.

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Virtual Reality for Property Developers

We were commissioned to create a 3D Virtual Tour for a property developer at the Vaal Dam area. The property developer have build this unit and plans to build more of these units. He needed a marketing tool to use to market the properties to people that doesn’t currently live in the area and whom are looking for Holiday Homes. The Internet has become the biggest lead generator for Real Estate Agents and Property developers to advertise their spaces and property developments.

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Virtual Reality Internal Company Events and Team Building

After successfully assisting Heineken with a Virtual Reality event for their Marketing Teams they commissioned us to do the same for their factory workers. They wanted something exiting for building their Teams spirit and rewarding them with something different than the usual. We took the virtual reality experience to their factory in the Sedibeng area southeast of Johannesburg. The Heineken Factory workers loved the experience and almost everyone tried out the different Virtual Reality experiences.

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Heineken Virtual Reality Event Pretoria South Africa

We were commissioned by Heineken South Africa to assist them with some Virtual Reality experiences at an internal marketing event. The idea was to give their Staff members an introduction to the 4th Industrial university and current technology that would blow their minds while having fun at the same time. This virtual reality event took place in Pretoria South Africa.

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Virtual Reality for Drivers Education in South Africa

We were asked to create a Virtual Reality experience and Virtual Reality education experience for South Africa drivers. The idea was to create an Education experience to showcase people why driving safely is important. This was used as part of SANRAL’s national initiative to educate people on driver safety.

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Google Streetview Virtual Tour Photographer South Africa

We created a Google Street View Virtual Tour for the Supa Quick Lifestyle Center in Pretoria South Africa. The Tyre industry is a very competitive industry especially online where people go to search for Tyre Fitment Centers. It is an old Search Engine Optimization strategy to use Virtual Tours in Google Streetview to boost businesses in Search Engines.

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Virtual Reality Events Johannesburg South Africa

We regularly assist companies with their Virtual Reality Events in Johannesburg South Africa. This time we were commissioned to assist Tourism South Africa with one of their Virtual Reality activations at the Gautrain stations around Gauteng. We were responsible for the rental of the virtual reality devices as well as to provide professionally trained virtual reality staff to assist clients getting into the virtual reality experiences and to maintain the hygiene of the Virtual Reality headsets.

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Virtual Reality Events – ABB Virtual Reality Experience at Sandton Convention Center

We were commissioned by DEEPVR to assist them with a virtual reality activation for ABB at the Sandton Convention Center in Johannesburg South Africa. We were commissioned to provide 10 x HTC VIVE High-End virtual reality headsets and 10 x High-End Virtual Reality computer systems for this event. We were also tasked to provide professional Virtual Reality activation staff for this event.

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Virtual Reality for Education in South Africa

We created a virtual reality education game for Extramarks. They used the game at various activation and events across South Africa to promote their online education software. The game that we created for them was the copper sulphate and Iron mixture experiment. Here we were in Cape Town at the AfricaCom 2017 exhibition assisting them with the event.

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Virtual Reality AfricaCom Cape Town South Africa

We were invited to AfricaCom to speak about Virtual Reality at the event.  Our CEO Gerald Ferreira talked about Virtual Reality and the state of the virtual reality industry in South Africa. AfricaCom also provided us with a sponsored stand at the exhibition.

AfricaCom is the place to meet everybody who’s anybody in African telecoms and technology, AfricaCom brings together 14,000 attendees, 450 speakers and 400 exhibitors.

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Virtual Reality at the Innovation Hub Pretoria

Mixed Reality were invited to talk about virtual reality at the Innovation Hub in Pretoria South Africa. Gerald Ferreira one of the founders of Mixed Reality South Africa is one of the most experienced virtual reality innovators and entrepreneurs in South Africa. He started experimenting with virtual reality in 1998 and is today considered to be the authority in Virtual Reality in South Africa.

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The Laughing Cow Virtual Reality Experience

We were commissioned by The Laughing Cow South Africa to create a high-end virtual reality experience for them. They wanted to promote their product in malls and online at the same time. We were asked to develop a high-end virtual reality experience for them that would work at an event in a mall as well as online on Facebook.

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Virtual Reality Team Building

Over the past couple of years, we have done many Virtual Reality Team building and Virtual Reality internal events. Below is some information on the Virtual Reality Team building event that we did for Allianz at one of their internal events. We assisted them with a general commercial virtual reality experience. The purpose of the event was to introduce their employees to something different and to encourage them to start thinking out of the box!

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Samsung Gear Virtual Reality Headsets for Hire in South Africa

In July 2017 we acquired Samsung Gear Virtual Reality headsets and Samsung S7 phones. The Samsung Gear VR headset was one of the best mobile virtual reality headsets at the time. Still today the Samsung high-end phones are some of the best mobile virtual reality devices. We acquired 10 Samsung S7 phones and 10 x Samsung Gear VR headsets.

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Ushaka Marine World Durban Virtual Reality 360° Video

We were commissioned by Ushaka Marine World in Durban South Africa to create a 360° video for them. Ushaka Marine World is one of the top tourism destinations in Durban South Africa. We created several 360° videos for them including a 360° Zulu Dance video, 360° Dolphin Show, 360° Water Slide and 360° Dangerous Creatures 360° video.

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Virtual Reality Box – Google Cardboard Branded Virtual Reality Glasses

We were tasked to create a 360° video and virtual tour of the Business Connextion Data Center for the MyBroadband Conference. As part of the Event Business Connextion wanted to give clients a Custom Branded Virtual Reality headset and also the video which they could watch anywhere and possibly share it with in their own businesses and with friends and family.

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Virtual Reality Glasses for the BBC NEWS

We were commissioned by BBC to create custom branded virtual reality glasses for their “Be Everywhere” campaign. Due to our international exposure through Google Search the BBC found us online and asked us to create custom branded virtual reality glasses for them.

Virtual Reality Glasses Custom Branded

Image of one of the Virtual Reality Custom Branded virtual reality glasses we created for the BBC Be Anywhere campaign.


3D Render of the BBC Virtual Reality plastic branded VR Glasses

Google Inspired Custom Branded Virtual Reality Glasses

We custom developed Google Cardboard Inspired virtual reality glasses for the campaign.


Custom Virtual Reality Google Cardboard 3D Render. The headset was made out of hardboard instead of cardboard.


Image of actual Virtual Reality Glasses

Custom Branded Google Cardboard South Africa

Below is some of the custom google cardboard that we have created for clients. For more examples of Custom Google Cardboard we have manufactured for clients visit our Custom Branded Google Cardboard pages.

How does these custom Virtual Reality Glasses work?

These custom virtual reality glasses work with a Virtual Reality compatible smartphone. Users can insert their VR compatible smartphones into the virtual reality glasses. The smartphone acts as the brain for the virtual reality glasses and provide the digital display for the Smartphone VR glasses. The VR glasses themselves basically contain the magnifying glasses and the housing for the glasses and the smartphone. The Virtual Reality glasses have a button on the side top of the glasses allowing people that used the VR glasses to make selections by pushing the button.

Virtual Reality Glasses Corporate Gifts

Custom Branded Virtual Reality glasses is part of the “Cheapest” range of virtual reality glasses for sale. These glasses doesn’t work on their own and needs a Virtual Reality Compatible smartphone to work. Most people have VR compatible smartphones and thus making it a affordable corporate gift for businesses that wants to give clients something awesome as part of their marketing strategy.

  • The Virtual Reality Glasses is Cheap – Price range from R129.00 to R250.00 per Virtual Reality glasses.
  • Clients can custom brand the virtual reality glasses.
  • Corporate 360° Video and Virtual Reality applications can be viewed and distributed to clients via the Virtual Reality Glasses.
  • Value for money. The client can keep the virtual reality glasses and use it for other virtual reality experiences and play VR games.

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