To answer the question about What is the 4th industrial revolution. You will need to open your mind and do some future thinking. Think of the 4th Industrial Revolution in terms of 5 years, 10 years, 50 years and 100 years. The things that is possible today wasn’t possible a 100 years ago and you have to really open your mind to realize what will be possible in 100 years from now. This is the 4th Industrial Revolution and it will change everything you think you know about being human!The 4th industrial revolution has to do with robotics, virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality and super computers. In the past almost all work had to have human input for it to work. With the dawn of the 4th industrial revolution and the advancement in computing the 4th Industrial Revolution is all about automation and getting things done without the input of humans.

Many people currently fear the dawn of the 4th industrial revolution as many people will lose their jobs as a result of automation or robots taking over their jobs.

In the beginning as the 4th industrial revolution is getting momentum many people will suffer from job losses however in the end the 4th Industrial revolution will hugely benefit humanity and we will have more time on our hands to live instead of being slaves to work.

Let’s look at a couple of scenarios where the 4th Industrial revolution will have most obvious impact on current jobs and mass production.

In the automotive industry vehicles are already being assembled by computers, but in many cases human input is still required to manufacture a vehicle.

On the assembly line humans must fit parts into the vehicle which current robots cannot fit. In the foreseeable future cars and robotic systems will be designed in such a way that human input will not be necessary.

4th industrial revolution south africa
4th industrial revolution south africa

The cars might be 3D printed from bottom up so that there is no human input needed to tighten screws, insert dashboards or custom seats. These will just be robotic assembled in the cars automatically without any human input.

Currently designers must design cars and make sure that it adheres to safety standard, make sure that it is aerodynamic and looks good.

In the 4th industrial revolution car manufacturers will use big data to determine the safety features, ultimate wind resistance and aerodynamics a car needs and instead of using a wind tunnel use simulation software to determine the wind resistance. Big data will also determine what people like and how their cars must look.

It will be possible with Artificial intelligence and big data to manufacture a completely new design car by implementing artificial intelligence and reduce the number of people needed to work on the actual car design.

The car will be first build in Virtual Reality instead of using clay or other current methods to build a prototype. This will allow the engineers or the final person or persons to approve the car design to view the car as if it was already built in the real world. This will render the design manufacturers jobs completely unnecessary as the prototype will not be built until it is ready for production. Then without any human intervention in the building process robots will build the car from scratch.

Instead of using Car Salespeople to sell cars, car manufacturers will completely go online and sell cars to their audience without human intervention. In the 4th Industrial Revolution it would be possible to use big data to determine what customers like or when they are most likely to replace their existing vehicles.

Cars will be fitted with devices to send feedback to the manufacturer for the artificial intelligence and robots to make better cars in the future. For the first time in human history almost everything is connected, and the car manufacturer might get a big data set of how cars are being used. What are the speed cars are driving? With cameras and Lidar data which is fitted standard to vehicles exactly determine how and when an accident appeared and create better cars based on big actual data and artificial intelligence without human intervention. Rendering statisticians and forensic human intervention completely useless or less in demand.

Using big data manufacturers will also be able to influence car sales by manipulating clients by big data sets and studying big data. They will use analytics in a way we have never seen before as part of their sales strategy and marketing analytics rendering human sales teams completely ineffective or significantly reduce the sales team numbers.

Virtual Reality can be used to replicate test driving accurately rendering the need for a client to test drive the vehicle completely useless and more people will buy cars straight from the online shop without test driving the vehicle.

Because these cars will be designed by superior artificial intelligence mechanics will become obsolete or greatly reduced. Instead of fixing parts, parts will be completely modular, and robots will be able to swap out parts within seconds making the car mobile again. There will also be less road accidents because most cars will use 3D Lidar scanning technologies to avoid accidents. Self-driving cars will become a norm in the 4th Industrial Revolution and it will be more economically to write of cars that have been in accidents instead of fixing these cars.

The 4th Industrial revolution is set to influence almost every industry that you can think of which produces something or analyse something or teaches something.

4th industrial revolution medical
4th industrial revolution medical

Imagine going to a robotics doctor. You sit in a seat and the machine does various test on you to determine what might be wrong with you. The robot doesn’t get tired and can-do hundreds of tests to determine what could be wrong with you within seconds without a human doctor needed. The robot also uses big data to determine what might be wrong with you by getting information from all the other robots in the area to determine if it is a local epidemic like flue or something specific to the city, town or province in your area.

4th industrial education
4th industrial education

Teaching is another job where the 4th industrial revolution will have a great impact on. Can you remember when you were at school and you felt that a teacher was picking on you or someone else. Or maybe a maths teacher who weren’t passionate about their job and let you or other kids down? Or maybe in a school where you had to do science experiments and there were not enough time or chemicals for everyone to have the same experience. Or perhaps you were from a third world country where education is not as good as it is in first world countries.

In the 4th Industrial revolution we can create Virtual Reality solutions with near perfect teachers, never getting tired to teach and teaching in a 3D environment that is most natural to human learning. As an example, instead of learning about space – going in virtual reality into a space simulation and learning in actual space. Or maybe go to the NASA science laboratories and use their state-of-the-art equipment in virtual reality to learn more about science.

Seconds later you might want to learn some geography and jump to France where you can physically walk around the Eifel tower and learn about it as if you are there. Many uninformed people things that virtual reality is a lone experience without any social interaction. Guess again, in virtual reality it is already possible for multiple people to go into the same experience, talk to other in virtual reality, work together in virtual reality and do stuff together in virtual reality.

Best thing is that you are not bound to your physical location, or immediate friends or fellow school goers. In virtual reality you will be able to attend a school where you will learn and have access to the best infrastructure and resources in the world.[ut_header title_linebreak_mobile=”on” lead_linebreak_mobile=”on” title=”Trans-formative Technology and the 4th Industrial Revolution and how will it benefit humanity.”]As humans our focus point will change. Instead of having to work ridiculous hours we will be able to start relaxing and just enjoy live. Our basic needs will be fulfilled by robots and the gab between rich and poor, advantaged and disadvantaged will shrink.

4th industrial food production
4th industrial food production
  • The 4th Industrial revolution will make producing food almost autonomous. All food of the future will be produced scientifically and autonomous based on big data, artificial intelligence, robots and statistically in protected environments like green houses.
  • The complete production and manufacturing process will be automated. This will drive down the cost of production and manufacturing and humans will be able to acquire products for free or extremely cheap.
  • Humanity will be focused on bettering human conditions everywhere and on self-fulfillment and not running around focusing on meeting their most basic needs.
  • With access to instant information through the Internet, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality humans will become super humans with instant information and knowledge at their fingertips.
  • With virtual reality humans will be able to teleport into any space or any environment and learn as if in reality about anything in the future.
  • Humans will have all their entertainment and social needs met in virtual reality.

If you know what is possible and if you know the direction we as humanity are moving towards. You will be super excited about what the 4th industrial revolution will add to humanity!

Remember you have to think of it in 10 years from now, 20 years from now, and 100 years from now to understand how the 4th Industrial Revolution will make humanity better![ut_header title_linebreak_mobile=”on” lead_linebreak_mobile=”on” title=”Virtual Reality headsets and Augmented Reality will become completely unobtrusive”]If you have read this far, you may wonder about the bulkiness of current generation virtual reality and augmented reality headsets and wonder if everyone will want to wear these headsets. This is what the first generation of commercial viable headsets currently looks like. However in the future (10 years or 20 years) from now these will be completely unobtrusive and it will be extremely hard to differentiate between what is REAL and what is VIRTUAL Reality.

My prediction is that future generations will choose to live in virtual reality instead of reality!

4th industrial revolution virtual reality
4th industrial revolution virtual reality

Have a look at what Elon Musk is doing!

The 4th Industrial Revolution is going to change humanity forever!

If you are interested in learning more about the 4th Industrial Revolution or want to learn how to prepare yourself or your company for the 4th industrial revolution talk to us, we are at the forefront of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies in South Africa.