Virtual Reality + Augmented Reality = Mixed Reality


We Develop Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality Applications from scratch! Mixed Reality is based in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. We are a complete 360° Mixed Reality solution company and develop for the HTC VIVE, Oculus, Samsung and Google Cardboard. We also have professional 360° video cameras for 360° filming and 360° video production!
More About Mixed Reality

What do you get when you combine Reality, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality? We call it Mixed Reality. Mixed Reality is a combination of all the different realities a user can experience. Our company “Mixed Reality South Africa” is at the cutting-edge of Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality software development in South Africa.

We have developed several Marketing Campaigns and Virtual Reality solutions for local South African businesses. In many cases our technologies and activation plans are way ahead of what everyone else is doing in the industry, and we can help you develop that WOW marketing solution that breaks-away from the norm.

We have a strong MARKETING BACKGROUND and know that Return on Investment is crucial to the success of any marketing campaign. Combining our Marketing Experience and Mixed Reality know-how – we can WOW your clients as well as meet ROI requirements.

Talk to us, if you are interested and want to explore Mixed Reality as a Marketing Solution!


Virtual Reality Events

Covid-19 has changed the way we go about our daily lives. Remote working has become the new norm during this time of the pandemic and companies are realizing how powerful remote working actually is.


360° Filming and 360° Video Production

Mixed Reality provide professional 360° Video and 360° Filming services. We have invested heavily in some of the best 360° Video Cameras in the world like the Insta 360 PRO2 camera.

For more information on our 360° Video Production Services go to 360° Video Production South Africa


Matterport 360° 3D Virtual Tour Scanning

Mixed Reality is all in when it comes to provide high-quality Virtual Reality experiences and invests heavily in the best equipment in the world to provide high quality virtual reality services in South Africa. As part of our continuous investment we have purchased several Matterport PRO2 Virtual Reality Cameras.

If you have a business or in real estate and looking for high-quality virtual tour photography and 3D Scanning services talk to Mixed Reality South Africa today, to find out how we can help!

More information about our Virtual Tour services


Virtual Reality Equipment Hire and VR Events

Mixed Reality South Africa have one of the biggest professional virtual reality activation teams in South Africa and one of the largest pools of Virtual Reality equipment and VR Headsets for hire. We have 10 x Complete HTC VIVE Virtual Reality systems including high-spec computer systems to run the HTC VIVE Virtual Reality headsets. Our pool of VR Headsets includes Samsung Gear VR Headsets, Oculus Go Virtual Reality Headsets and Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headsets.

We want to insure that everyone that tries Virtual Reality for the first time have a awesome and memorable experience and specifically focus on providing High-Quality Virtual Reality experiences!

For more Virtual Reality Events go to our Virtual Reality Events pages.

Virtual Reality Equipment Hire

Virtual Reality Software Development

We specialize in creating high-quality Virtual Reality experiences for companies and agencies that wishes to use virtual reality for education, marketing, tourism or training. We have completed a wide range of high-quality virtual reality experience for some of the biggest brands in South Africa and have a proven track record of developing high-quality Virtual Reality Software and experiences.

We specifically develop 6DOF Virtual Reality solutions for the HTC VIVE virtual reality headsets and Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headsets which is considered to be the best commercial virtual reality headsets in the world!

We Develop Custom Virtual Reality Software for South Africa and International Businesses.


Augmented Reality Software Development

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is soon going to merged into what will be referred to as Mixed Reality. It is only natural that we develop Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions as both these technologies are very similar.

If you are looking for a Augmented Reality solution talk to us today we can help you to create world class Augmented Reality solutions for both Android devices, Windows devices and iPhone.


3D Modelling and 3D Asset Creation

We develop, design and create custom 3D Models and 3D Assets for virtual reality worlds and Augmented Reality environments. If you have a product or business which you would like to turn into 3D Assets talk to us today.

We develop 3D Models from scratch, photographs or 3D Scans. These can be used for digital display or 3D Printing. We also specialize in texturing of 3D Models and 3D Rendering.



Mixed Reality South Africa develop custom virtual reality solutions, virtual reality experiences and virtual reality games for South Africa’s leading brands. Below is some of the Virtual Reality experiences that we have designed, conceptualized and developed from scratch!


Mixed Reality South Africa provides Virtual Reality Equipment for Hire, Virtual Reality Corporate Team Building and Virtual Reality Event services. Below is some of the previous virtual reality events that we did! If you are looking for a Professional Virtual Reality Events company talk to us!


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