We do corporate Virtual Reality Events and VR Equipment Rentals

Corporate Virtual Reality Events and VR Rentals

More about Virtual Reality Events

As part of our service offering, we do Virtual Reality Events and Virtual Reality Equipment hire. We were contracted by ABSA Bank to provide a team building experience for some of their Executive Staff members at one of their functions which were held on the 6th of February 2019. The idea was to provide some entertainment to the executive team members between sessions and to provide them with a fun experience but also to introduce them to future technologies.

One of their sessions was about the Fourth Industrial revolution and the impact of technology in our society. The Virtual Reality team building session gave participants a real world example of how technology is going to change and at the same time introducing them in a fun way to future technologies.

Virtual Reality Experiences

Below is some actual photographs and video from this Corporate Virtual Reality Event and also some video of the VR Experiences and VR Games that we used for this activation. The Plank experience is one of the Best experiences to use at Virtual Reality events. It is ideal for Virtual Reality Events the experience takes +/- 3 minutes to complete and the reactions are almost always the same, people cannot believe how real it feels and how their minds get tricked by the experience!

Virtual Reality Experience we used for this Event

The Video below showcase the Richies Plank Experience. This is to date one of the most popular VR Experiences that we do at Corporate Virtual Reality Events and team building sessions. Watch the video to get a feel for the experience and then watch the real video from the VR Event.

Video Corporate Virtual Reality Events

Below is a typical example of the reactions we get and how people enjoy our Virtual Reality Events and Virtual Reality experiences. Our team is trained to assist maintain hygiene and make if fun for everyone and give each individual a awesome virtual reality experience.

Star Wars Virtual Reality Experience

Here is a preview video of the Star Wars Virtual Reality experiences that we used at this event.

Actual Video from the Corporate Virtual Reality Event

Below is a video of a client experiencing the Star Wars Virtual Reality game at the ABSA Corporate virtual reality activation.

Talk to us if you are interested in hosting a Virtual Reality Corporate Team Building session.

Our mission is to make it fun for people to experience Virtual Reality. We can develop custom virtual reality experiences or use existing virtual reality experiences at team building and corporate sessions. It is a fun way of providing something different at your corporate functions and events, and ideal to introduce people to the future of technology!

Images from the Corporate Virtual Reality Team Building session

Virtual Reality is not only for kids. Here is some proof that no matter your age or profession people enjoy virtual reality. Below is some images from the Corporate Virtual Reality Event that we did for ABSA bank EXCO members.

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Corporate Virtual Reality Events and Team Building Videos

Below is some of the video that we took at this Corporate Virtual Reality Team Building event. This is to give potential clients a view of what a Corporate Virtual Reality Team Building session typically looks like and how people enjoy and interact with the experience.

We are most likely the most experienced virtual reality company in South Africa. For more information on events and to see some of the virtual reality events that we have done visit the Virtual Reality South Africa Events pages.

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