Mixed Reality South Africa is a premium Virtual Reality Software Development company based in South Africa. Our company specialize in developing Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality applications from scratch. If you are interested in using virtual reality or augmented reality in your business talk to us today. We have already completed several bespoke Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality custom software developments in South Africa for some of the top brands.

How can virtual reality benefit businesses in South Africa

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality is a core part of the 4th Industrial Revolution which is coming. We at Mixed Reality South Africa can empower your business and assist you with future planning to make sure that your business is 4th Industrial Revolution ready.

We encourage you to make direct contact with us and we can demo and show you what is currently possible in Virtual Reality and provide you with a clearer understanding of how Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality can directly benefit your business!

It is almost impossible to explain all the benefits in one article, and it is most likely that we can form a strong case of how virtual reality or augmented reality can benefit your business beyond the scope of this article. Talk to us and find out how your business can benefit from our virtual reality or augmented reality solutions.

software development company south africa
software development company south africa

Here is some Benefits of using Virtual Reality for Businesses:

  • Showcase your companies capabilities, services, spaces, infrastructure to clients without having them physically at your premises anywhere in the world.
    • We had this client whom wanted to showcase their factory to clients. To take people physically to the factory provided some serious challenges. Production needed to be halted, The factory doesn’t have enough parking and there were some security risks and risk of injury to get customers to the physical factory. With virtual reality we can overcome these challenges and allow people to view the factory at any time.
  • Use it as a sales tool bring your spaces, services and products to clients at exhibitions or events.
  • Education Tool – Virtual Reality can be used as a education tool inside your company.
    • Induction Training – use virtual reality to introduce new employees to your company.
    • Ongoing Training – Big organizations have several different departments and business processes. Use virtual reality to introduce the different departments to employees and increase the understanding of what your organization does within your employee network.
    • Train Clients on your products and services.
    • Fire Training, Process Training, Remote Location Training, Business Procedure Training, Induction Training and Safety Training to name a few.
  • Their is various ways in which Virtual Reality can save your company money.
    • Virtual Reality Events – Broadcast your Year End Results or Press Conference live to your clients or internal staff without having a physical venue and paying for transportation, accommodation, food and various other logistics.
    • Save money on moving your physical assets to a venue or event and showcase your infrastructure in Virtual Reality.
    • Save money on training your staff – It might be very costly to do for example fire training – you can have simulated fire training at a fraction of the cost of real fire training.
    • Mistakes can cost a lot of money, use virtual reality to minimize on future expenses. A simple example is the fear of heights. Some companies will require people to work at heights. They will ask the person during an interview if they have a fear of heights and if the person says they don’t have a fear of heights. Later find out after spending lots of money on the employee that they indeed have a fear of heights.
    • Save money when recruiting people by having their competency tested in Virtual Reality.
  • Emotional Journeys – When people are immersed in virtual reality they are emotionally connected to the experience. We recently did a Press Conference for Momentum where they wanted to let Journalist experience what it is like to climb Mount Everest and experience the journey with Saray Kumalo the first black South African to summit Mount Everest. We provided a Mount Everest Virtual Reality experience to the journalist to let them walk in her shoes and experience it for themselves.
  • Prepare People for Change and Move their mindsets – Standard Bank wanted to educate people that it is better to bank online than it is to go to a bank. We developed a Virtual Reality experience for Standard Bank to showcase it is better to bank online and to prepare people for their plans of shutting down several of their physical branches.
virtual reality development company south africa
virtual reality development company south africa

Above is a image of the Unity3D application and the King Shaka International Airport which we developed as part of the Dube TradePort Augmented Reality Application.

Our Virtual Reality Software Development Services”]Virtual Reality is an immersive technology. We are at the cutting-edge of Virtual Reality Software development and can assist you with the following Custom Virtual Reality Software Development and solutions.

  • We provide virtual reality Software development consultation services.
    • Whether you want to use virtual reality for marketing, want to develop your own virtual reality game or need assistance with planning we can assist from planning right through to development.
  • Brainstorming your Virtual Reality Application Development.
    • Virtual Reality and Augmented reality software development is our main business. We have extensive experience in developing custom virtual reality experiences and educational solutions. We can help you understand what is possible and what not.
  • Demo Virtual Reality Experiences and Our capability.
    • We have an extensive range of virtual reality applications that we have developed. As part of our development process we can demo past and present completed projects to showcase our capability.
  • We work directly with Agencies or Clients
  • Scoping the Virtual Reality Application
    • We can assist you with the Scope of your Virtual Reality application. To help you understand what the final product would look like and identify what will work and what not.
  • Quick Turn-around times
    • Our Virtual Reality Developers work on tight turn-around times and we can most likely develop a custom virtual reality solution in short turn around times.
  • Create Custom Game Play
  • Develop 3D Models for the virtual reality experience
  • 3D Scan existing environments and convert these environments into 3D Models.
  • Develop for Android, Windows or iOS.
  • Develop user interfaces and analytics
  • Create 360° Videos and Virtual Tours.
  • Sound Editing
  • Voice Overs
  • Interactive Game Play
  • We develop high-end 6DOF Virtual Reality applications for the Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, HTC VIVE, VALVE Index, Acer Mixed Reality Virtual Reality headsets.
  • We develop custom virtual reality experiences for Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear and Oculus Quest.

For more information about our Virtual Reality custom development services feel free to contact us!

virtual reality application development company south africa
virtual reality application development company south africa

Screenshot of one of the start of a project where we created a factory in Virtual Reality. This was developed for the Oculus Quest virtual reality headset.

Portfolio of completed Virtual Reality Custom Software Developments.

Below is some of the Virtual Reality projects that we developed from scratch. For more information on the individual project you can click on the images to get more information. If you are interested in using Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality in your business contact us today for more information.

The list below is not a complete list of the virtual reality and augmented reality projects we have worked. For more information setup a meeting with us, to enable us to provide you with a DEMO at our offices to showcase our capability and to get a better understanding or how Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality can benefit your business.