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3D Photogrammetry and Virtual Reality experience that we developed for Standard Bank South Africa to explain Smartphone Banking to customers.

We were contacted directly by Standard Bank South Africa to create a high-end virtual reality experience for them. The idea was to develop a virtual reality experience to teach Standard Bank clients about Online Smartphone banking and the benefits of Smartphone Banking.

The idea was to be scan a actual Standard Bank branch and let clients explore the bank. The idea was to show clients that it is not necessary to go to a physical bank when they want to do banking. Inside the game we placed 3 posters with things clients could rather do than spend their time in the physical bank. This included Tenpin bowling, Baking a cake or going on holiday. Each of these experiences had a mission that clients needed to complete before they could play these games. These missions educated them on how advantageous smartphone banking is, in a real user case scenario!

Photogrammetry and High-End Virtual Reality 3D Models from photographs

Below is some examples of how we can take a Real Environment like a Bank or Business and recreate it in Virtual Reality. In the Standard Bank game you can walk (6DOF) through the entire bank as if you were really at the bank and interact with furniture, computers and the Teller Machines. You could also watch traditional video on the television screens while exploring the bank.


Actual photograph of the Standard Bank Bedfordview branch on which the virtual reality experience was modeled on.


2D image of the Virtual Reality experience we created for Standard Bank. To the left / above is the real photograph of the Standard Bank Bedfordview branch on which the Virtual Reality game was modeled.

actual-photo-of-furnitureActual photograph of the furniture in the Standard Bank branch which we remodeled in the Virtual Reality game that we have developed!

virtual-reality-furniture2D image of the 3d Models of the furniture inside the Standard Bank branch on which we based the Virtual Reality game.

photogrammetryActual photograph of the Standard Bank Television cube as it is in the Standard Bank Bedfordview branch. Our 3D model is almost photo-realistic similar to the real image and setup at the bank.

virtual-reality-television-area2D image of the 3d Models of the furniture and television cubical area that we modeled in Standard Bank Virtual Reality game. People could watch Standard Bank Televisions advertisements on the Television screen while exploring the bank.

virtual-reality-realistic-modellingActual photograph of the Standard Bank Collection help desk. We recreated this as well for the Virtual Reality game.

realistic-3d-modelingThe 2D image of the 3D Model that we created of the Collection desk based on the real collection desk. People could interact with the computers on the desk.

atm-teller-machines-virtual-reality3D Model of the ATM Teller Machines inside the bank, based on the actual ATM Teller Machines at the bank.

exceptional-detail-virtual-realityWe even modeled the exact same Coffee machine as you could find inside the banks kitchen at the time.

virtual-reality-credit-card-machine3D Model of the Teller cubicles and the Card Machine that you can find in the bank.

virtual-reality-office3D Model of the Client Service Offices exactly as you will find it in the bank.

Scenes from the Virtual Reality Holiday game.

Below is some screenshots of the Mini Experiences and games inside the Standard Bank game. The player received a message from their best friend asking them for money. What do you do? Of course you want to help out a friend but being on holiday makes it complicated you cannot just go to a bank and to over complicate things there isn’t even a bank on this small island. But using Smartphone banking the player can send their best friend the money. In this short virtual reality game the player uses his/her virtual reality phone to send money to their friend.

Once they have send the money, the player can then relax on the beach, explore the beach or go to the pier to hit golf balls into the ocean.

beach-scene-virtual-realityThis is a screenshot of the Holiday game which were part of the Standard Bank Virtual Reality game experience. Allowing people to relax inside the bank in Virtual Reality on holiday and learning more about Smartphone banking at the same time!

holiday-virtual-reality-gameThe above image is a 2D Render from the 3D Model Beach Scene that we created as part of the game. Players could experience every-part of the Beach by teleportation or moving from one part to the other.

hitting-golf-balls-in-virtual-realityAs part of the reward system for completing the Money Transfer on their Virtual Reality Smartphones, players could then hit some golf balls into the ocean.

the-beach-virtual-reality2D Image of the Beach scene which we rendered into a 3D Virtual Reality Model which people could explore by teleportation or physically walking around the beach.

Tenpin Bowling Virtual Reality Game

Below is some images of the Tenpin Bowling game which were part of the Standard Bank online smartphone banking virtual reality application that we developed for Standard Bank.

Players had to pay in virtual reality for the game before they could play. They had to insert their Standard Bank (virtual reality) banking cards into the Credit Card machine, type in their pin number and then the transaction got declined. They then had to use their smartphone to transfer money from one account to the other and then try the card machine again before they could play a full game of tenpin bowling.

virtual-reality-ten-pin-bowling2D Image of the Bowling Alley and Tenpin Bowling Game that we developed as part of the Standard Bank Virtual Reality game experience.


2D Image of the Bowling Alley game. In this picture you can see the Smartphone, Card Machine and Bank Card which players could interact with.

Prepaid Electricity Standard Bank Smartphone Virtual Reality Game

To cater for different things that people find interesting, and due to the popularity of cooking reality shows, we thought it would be cool to create a baking game inside the Standard Bank game which made it fun for people to learn about Smartphone Banking.

In the game people got to bake a cake, halfway through the experience the electricity of the house goes off due to it being on prepaid electricity. The player then needs to use their virtual reality smartphone to purchase electricity to complete the experience.

This was a nice concept to show people in real world scenarios how awesome is smartphone banking.

virtual-reality-kitchen-game2D Image of the Virtual Reality prepaid electricity smartphone banking game that we created for standard bank.

virtual-reality-baking-a-cakeIn the game you had all the ingredients necessary to bake a cake, and had to mix all the ingredients together and follow the recipe.

baking-a-cake-in-virtual-reality2D Image of Cake and the recipe you had to follow in virtual reality to bake a cake.

baking-a-cake-in-virtual-reality-game2d Image of the Virtual Reality appliances we created for the experience. You can also see the oven which the player could interact with.

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