At the vibrant (PH)OLA festival, Hollywood Bets captivated attendees with an innovative “Trust Plank Experience”. This interactive VR activity not only provided unique entertainment but also cleverly infused elements of trust and teamwork into the event’s atmosphere. Participants, equipped with VR headsets, navigated virtual challenges that required real-world trust in guides to ensure their virtual safety.

This immersive experience not only highlighted Hollywood Bets’ commitment to engaging entertainment but also seamlessly blended with the (PH)OLA festival’s ethos of community and connection, setting a new benchmark for experiential marketing.

At Mix Reality PTY LTD, we recognize the challenges of event planning, particularly in incorporating captivating and novel activities for attendees. This understanding drives us to deliver services that not only fulfill but also address our clients’ concerns effectively.

Our Virtual Reality Activation Team, alongside our Virtual Reality Equipment rental services, offers a comprehensive solution for our clients, alleviating the burden of managing the virtual reality aspects of their events. Our experience has shown that renting out virtual reality equipment can sometimes lead to technical issues and confusion. To mitigate this, our seasoned team is dedicated to guiding participants through the virtual reality journey, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted experience.

Leveraging our deep understanding of virtual reality’s psychological impact, we empower users to fully engage with and enjoy their virtual reality encounters. Our services are designed to free our clients from the complexities of orchestrating the virtual reality segment, allowing them to concentrate on the broader event. Our goal is to facilitate a hassle-free and memorable virtual reality experience for their guests, ultimately addressing their event planning challenges and surpassing their expectations.

Drawing on our experiences, we’ve discovered that offering virtual reality equipment on a “cold hire” basis can introduce technical challenges and confusion. That’s why our dedicated team is committed to providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for our clients.

Our approach transforms the virtual reality experience into an entertaining and engaging activity for all participants. We assist users with the virtual reality equipment and controllers, ensuring everyone can navigate the virtual landscape effortlessly. Our team also manages the event crowd, maintaining smooth flow and efficient queue management, so everyone gets their chance to dive into virtual reality without long waits.

Instruction and guidance are key components of our service. We teach users how to maximize their virtual reality experience, utilizing our understanding of the psychology behind virtual reality to enhance user engagement and enjoyment. By managing the timing of each user’s experience, we ensure that everyone leaves with a smile, having had a great time.

Our contribution extends beyond mere entertainment; we align our efforts with our clients’ goals and objectives for their virtual reality event. Equipment cleanliness and maintenance are paramount for optimal performance, and we provide hands-on assistance to users throughout their virtual reality journey to eliminate any technical issues.

Ensuring a positive, memorable, and above all, safe virtual reality experience is our goal. Our Virtual Reality activation team prioritizes safety, monitoring users and the environment to prevent accidents. Through rigorous training, our team is equipped to manage any situation, safeguarding users against potential hazards and ensuring a safe and positive virtual reality adventure for everyone involved.

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