We recently created a virtual reality experience for a property development company. The Development is going to take place in Pretoria and the client wanted to give his clients an immersive experience of what the development would look like once it is build.

To make things more exciting the client wanted to add a Big Wheel. There is a real possibility that the actual development is going to have a big wheel as one of its attractions.

Players started outside the Big Wheel and had to walk into the big wheel. Once inside the Big Wheel the Big Wheel started moving and the player got a birds eye view of the development.

property development virtual reality oculus quest

2D Render of the Property Development


Close-up shot of the Big Wheel in the Virtual Reality experience. To make things slightly more exciting players had to go up the big wheel to view the property development from above.


For more information about this project visit Virtual Reality Property Development.

Images Virtual Reality Oculus Quest Activation

Below is some images from the Virtual Reality activation. We created a custom virtual reality experience for the client. Allowing clients at the construction site to view the property development in virtual reality.