One of our most popular Virtual Reality Rental options is our Wellness Day Virtual Reality packages. Many companies hold regular wellness days to give their employees the opportunity to learn more about the different commercial packages available to them from finance to healthcare.

In the past many of these companies hired our Virtual Reality events package to spice up their wellness days and to give their employees something fun and amazing to do while learning more about the wellness packages on offer.

What can you do to make your next Wellness Day more exciting?

Below is two of the most popular Virtual Reality experiences for Wellness Days. The Richies Plank Virtual Reality experience is by far the best experience for Wellness Days followed by Beat Saber.

The Richie’s Plank is one of the best experiences to learn that “Seeing is Believing” – Almost always our clients react the same way as the people in the video above. The Richie’s Plank experience is by far our most popular experience at Wellness Days.

BeatSaber is one of the most popular High-End virtual reality games in the world. In the game you have to hit blocks with a light saber on the beat of music. This gives people a workout while having fun and not realizing that they are actually exercising while playing!We have several other options available for companies that wants to use Virtual Reality at their wellness days. Contact us today to find out how we can help make your Wellness Days more fun!

Photos from one of our Virtual Reality Wellness Day events

Here is some candid photographs taken at a Wellness Day event in Johannesburg South Africa.

One of the employees at the event experiencing the Richie’s Plank Virtual Reality experience.

virtual reality south africa wellness day

Another employee interacting with the virtual reality experience.


Our Virtual Reality Events team is highly trained to assist getting people into virtual reality and to maintain hygiene at the event.


The Richie’s Plank experience offers spectator value. People love to see people’s reactions to the experience!


Some people are more brave than others, but eventually the game gets to all of them!


Give your employees something to remember on Wellness Day.

Virtual Reality Events South Africa

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