We were commissioned by Liberty to assist them with adding a Virtual Reality element to their stand at the Sandton Convention Center in Johannesburg South Africa at one of their events. The idea was to create a fun virtual reality element that would draw people to the Liberty stand.

Virtual Reality is a proven technology for companies to use to attract clients to their stands. Mixed Reality provides several services for Businesses that wants to use virtual reality at their events. We can create custom virtual reality experiences telling people more about the business. Use gamification to tell the companies stories or use existing commercial experiences at corporate events. We also do 360° video, traditional video and live video and 360° video streaming. Our team is professional and specialize in Virtual Reality Events with the aim to give each and everyone a awesome virtual reality experience!

sandton convention center events

We have a professionally trained virtual reality team to assist companies with their Virtual Reality Events and Trade Shows.

Our Virtual Reality Events team assisting a client in virtual reality. Our team assist clients with the experience and are there for the client every moment of their experience!

Video of one of our Virtual Reality Sandton Exhibition Center VR Events

Below is a few videos that we created at the Sandton Convention Center during one of our Virtual Reality Events.

Virtual Reality experience at the Sandton Convention Center.

Not all Virtual Reality experiences are equal, watch this experience to see how this guy reacts while fighting what he knows is not true, but his eyes telling him it is!