We were commissioned to create a 4IR Virtual Reality experience for ACSA. The concept was to showcase a traditional 2D Video in a immersive virtual reality environment to some of their clients.

ACSA provided us with the 2D Video showcasing the 5 year master plan of improvements planned for the OR Thambo International airport. We then created a Futuristic cinema environment inside Virtual Reality to show the video to there clients.


Above is a screenshot of the spaceship and the big screen inside the spaceship on which the ACSA video played. Players could explore the whole ship by moving naturally through the spaceship as they would in real life. We also created a teleport system so that players could stand still in real life and in virtual reality teleport from one spot inside the spaceship to another spot. Allowing them to explore the spaceship as if they were there in real reality.


Screenshot of the ACSA virtual reality experience from the rear of the spaceship.


Screenshot of the Big Screen and the ACSA logos inside the spaceship.

360° Video – South African Airports Company