The Oculus Quest virtual reality headsets was launched worldwide in May 2019. At first, we at Mixed Reality was skeptical about the device.

The Oculus Quest is one of the first commercial 6DOF mobile type virtual reality headsets and doesn’t have the same capabilities as high-end VR devices like the Oculus Rift and the HTC VIVE.Nonetheless we decided to purchase the Oculus Quest to see what the device is about. We were pleasantly surprised by how good the device is. We were so impressed by the Oculus Quest devices that we have purchased 20 x Oculus devices since it launched.

We also shift our focus from developing high-end virtual reality solutions on the HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift to develop virtual reality solutions specifically for the Oculus Quest. Since the launch we have already developed 3 x high-end Oculus Quest solutions for our clients.



Top 10 Reasons why we recommend our clients use the Oculus Quest and why we develop Oculus Quest virtual reality solutions.

  1. The Oculus Quest is affordable. In the USA it is currently listed for $399 for the 64GB version and $499 for the 128GB version.
  2. The Oculus Quest virtual reality headset comes with everything included to experience 6DOF virtual reality. You do not need a high-end computer system to drive the Oculus Quest as everything you need is built into the device.
  3. The Oculus Quest uses inside out tracking making it easy to setup and you do not need to setup external cameras or base stations for the 6DOF tracking to work. This means that when we create a custom solution for our clients, they can easily use it almost anywhere they want without having to setup lots of equipment. You can basically carry the Oculus Quest around with you wherever you go. The Oculus Quest fits into a bag much smaller than your average laptop bag.
  4. The Oculus Quest is not only for high-end 6DOF virtual reality applications and solutions but works just as well with 3DOF virtual reality content like 360° videos.
  5. The Oculus Quest allows for users to interact with objects and pick up these objects by using their controllers which acts like hands, they can also walk in the physical space if the experience allows for it.
  6. The Oculus Quest offers some of the best display resolution for Virtual Reality headsets and currently offers a Display resolution of 1440 x 1600 per eye.
  7. By spending more time on optimizing the 3D Models, Scenes and using lower polygon models we can create believable experiences that looks good and work on the Oculus Quest just as well as it would  have worked on the higher-end devices like the Oculus Rift and the HTC VIVE. The advantage to our clients is that they can use the Oculus Quest mobility and use it as a sales tool or for quick demonstrations or activation anywhere.
  8. The biggest advantage is the cost as well as the mobility of the Oculus Quest units. You can demo someone anywhere and setup is quick and easy.
  9. Clients can use the Oculus Quest anywhere making it easy for clients to showcase their spaces, content, services, solutions or business anywhere anytime!
  10. The Oculus Quest is easy to use, mobile and user friendly.

The Oculus Quest uses inside out tracking, making it easy to setup and use almost anywhere.

Oculus Quest in South Africa – Our first Oculus Quest Virtual Reality Game

Watch one of our clients play our Oculus Quest virtual reality game. We custom developed this virtual reality game for Tourvest South Africa.

Oculus Quest Game Development Images

Below is some still images of the Oculus Quest game that we developed.


We developed the game in Unity 2019.


The game featured several items with relevant branding like the Hertz Rental Cars.


Image of the Europcar Rental Car inside the Victoria Falls Oculus Quest Virtual Reality game


Signage showing directions – To the left you have the Victoria Falls, to the right you have the Victoria Falls bridge and straight infront you have the Zambezi River.

Here you can learn more about the Tourvest Oculus Quest virtual reality game that we have developed.