The Nampo Virtual Show opened its doors at 9 am daily from the 9th of September 2020 to the 12 of September 2020.

The Nampo Agricultural Virtual Reality Expo

The Nampo Agricultural exhibition is one of the biggest Agricultural exhibitions that takes place annually in South Africa. This year the Nampo Festival have been cancelled due to the pandemic outbreak in South Africa. Strict laws prevented people from attending events with more than 50 people present at the event. Instead of cancelling the Nampo Festival. The organizers decided to take the event Virtual.

The Nampo Virtual Event took place this year in virtual reality from the 9th of September 2020 to the 12th of September 2020. For us at Mixed Reality South Africa it is GREAT to see a traditional trade show going Virtual. We strongly believe that beyond the current pandemic breakout we will see a lot of exhibitions in the future being both a physical event and a virtual reality event. Virtual Exhibitions allow people to meet online in the comfort of their homes, offices, towns and even countries without having to physical travel to another town or country to attend events.

The stuff that Nampo have accomplished by taking their event online is groundbreaking and we are looking forward to Nampo Virtual 2.0 and future Nampo Virtual Shows.

nampo virtual expo

For more information on the Nampo Virtual Show you can visit the Nampo Virtual Reality website. The site have more information about the Nampo Virtual Reality exhibitions. Virtual Reality event ideas and information about Virtual Reality in South Africa.

John Deere at Nampo Virtual Expo

The John Deere Virtual Reality exhibition stole the show at the 2020 Nampo Virtual Expo. John Deere went all out to bring businesses and farmers the best of their Tractors and implements. Visitors to the Nampo Virtual Exhibition could walk online in Virtual Reality through the tractors and view and inspect these John Deere implements and vehicles from all angles.

From our standpoint we Vote that the John Deere 2020 Virtual Stand was the best stand at Nampo Virtual 2020.

john deere virtual exhibition nampo south africa

Aerial View of the John Deere Exhibition Stand 2020 at Nampo Virtual.

john deere vr

The John Deere Merchandise Shop in Virtual Reality

John Deere Tractor Virtual Tours

John Deere South Africa created Matterport Virtual Tours of each of their Tractors and people who visited the John Deere Virtual Show could see these tractors in virtual reality.

Matterport Virtual Tour of a John Deere Tractor

John Deere South Africa had one of the BEST Virtual Reality exhibitions at the first Nampo Virtual Show in South Africa earlier this week! They have scanned a large range of their tractors and implements using the Matterport Virtual 3D Scanner.

3D Virtual Tour of John Deere Tractor.

If you are interested in taking your business virtual talk to us. We at Mixed Reality South Africa offer many innovative and immersive tools to take your business virtual! We are the virtual reality experts in South Africa!