We were commissioned by Standard Bank South Africa to create a Virtual Reality game for them. They wanted to show clients that banking by going to a branch is not necessary to do banking with today technology. The concept of the game was “Why do you want to go to a bank when you can do something fun instead”.

The game was used at various locations across Gauteng to demonstrate in a fun way how clients can use smartphone banking anywhere. To give clients the experience we created a Virtual Reality bank which were modeled on one of their real bank branches. People could then walk around the bank and explore the bank from one side to the other. There is not much to do in the bank except exploring and people grew bored quickly. (This was the idea).

Then inside the bank we had 3 choices for clients. Instead of being in the bank they could go bake a cake, play tenpin bowling or go on a short holiday. Each game had a fun element to it, but also some product training. Players either had to buy electricity on their phones, send money to their friends or transfer money from one account to the other as part of the experience. Learning how “Convenient it is to bank online, instead of going to an actual bank.

You can read more about the Custom Virtual Reality Game Development on the Virtual Reality Game page, which gives more details on the actual game.


The custom developed game for Standard Bank South Africa showing people that it is more convenient to bank online than it is to physically going to a bank.

Virtual Reality is a powerful marketing tool.

When you immerse your clients into a custom virtual reality marketing experience you are in control and you can decide what you want to show your potential clients in the experience. Studies have proven that when people are immersed into a Virtual Reality experience they pay more attention in the experience than when they watch video in reality. They also focus better and retain information much better than what they would normally. High-End virtual reality is also in most cases a 3D experience similar to real life and people can interact with objects inside virtual reality as they would in the real world.

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