We created a Google Street View Virtual Tour for the Supa Quick Lifestyle Center in Pretoria South Africa. The Tyre industry is a very competitive industry especially online where people go to search for Tyre Fitment Centers. It is an old Search Engine Optimization strategy to use Virtual Tours in Google Streetview to boost businesses in Search Engines.

Google Streetview Virtual Tour

We published the Supa Quick Centurion Lifestyle Virtual Tour in to Google Street View and it is now available in Google Maps for everyone to search. Everywhere where someone embeds the Google Maps in their website the virtual tour will also be available.

3D Virtual Tour of the Supa Quick Tyre Fitment Center

As part of the Google Streetview Photography we created a 3D Virtual Tour of the space. Below is the 3D Virtual Tour of the Supa Quick Centurion Tyre Fitment Center.

Traditional Photographs Included as part of a Marketing Strategy

When we photograph a Virtual Tour part of the photography package includes traditional photographs at no extra cost. These photographs can be used to market the business on Social Media, digital media and print media.

Below is some photographs of the Supa Quick Tyre Fitment Dealership

360° Panorama Images included with Virtual Tour

As part of the Virtual Tour and Google Streetview Photography package clients get 360° panorama images which they can share to Facebook as part of their Facebook marketing campaign. Facebook will show this image automatically in a 360° player once uploaded.


These Panorama 360° Images can be uploaded to Social Media for additional marketing material – Facebook will automatically show it in a 360° image player.


Panorama image of the Tyre Fitment Center.


Panorama image of the reception area.

Virtual Tour and 3D Images

We can provide clients with 3D Images similar to the ones below. At an additional cost we can provide clients with a floor plan and also a 3D Model of the Virtual Tour. The Floor Plan includes measurements.


3D Image of the Tyre Fitment Center


Top View of the Tyre Fitment Center created from the Virtual Tour.


Example of a Floor Plan created using the 3D Scanner. This can be purchased at an additional cost. Visit the Virtual Reality Photographers page to see the house that we scanned.

Virtual Tour Teaser Video

We can create teaser videos similar to the one below. Or more comprehensive Virtual Tour videos from the original virtual tour that we created.

For more information contact Ronel Ferreira on +27 72 234 7513.

Our Work – Virtual Tours

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