Mixed Reality South Africa is one of the leading Virtual Tour creators in South Africa. We offer 3D Matterport Virtual Tours scanning services as well as shooting virtual tours with traditional cameras.

In this section you can view the “Thatch Roof House” that we scanned on the 18th of February 2018. This is an example tour to showcase the power of using the Matterport 3D Scanner for Real Estate Marketing and the Builders Information Data that we can get from such a scan. The Matterport scanner is not just a camera but also scans the property allowing us to get actual measurements and data from the scan. We can also get traditional still photographs from the Matterport Scan as well as create 3D Models from such scans.

Virtual Tours South Africa Real Estate

Below is a virtual tour of a property that we scanned using the Matterport Scanner.

Above is a Virtual Tour of a Thatched Roof house that we have scanned in Roodepoort South Africa. To browse the Virtual Tour above click on the image above and it will activate the Virtual Tour. You can then use your mouse to scroll around the property and click on the hotspots to move from one room to the other.

We can create House plans (Blueprints) of the Homes that we 3D Scan.

By using the latest technologies and the 3D Scanner allows us to measure the space we scan while we are scanning the property. This allows us to create Blueprints of the house and maps of the property. This is ideal for home owners that wants blue prints of their homes. Real Estate agents whom wants the house plans or Architects and Builders for measurements of the property.


We create House Plans and Blueprints using our 3D Scanner.

Traditional Photography and Images of Real Estate.

While we are scanning the property with our 3D Scanner we can also take traditional photographs of the property. The technology of the 3D Scanner allows us to take traditional photographs using the scanner after we scanned the house.

Below is some images we took with the 3D Scanner afterwards. For this example we took 20 photographs. We can literally take hundreds of photographs afterwards and can provide these to Real Estate Agents, Architects and Builders after the scan. These are high quality photographs of the property and can also be used for marketing collateral.

360° Panorama Images for Facebook

We can also make 360° Panorama images available for your Social Media marketing. Simply share the 360° Panorama images to your facebook profile and clients can watch it in Facebook’s 360° Media Player.


How do we create a Virtual Tour?

Here is a short video explaining how we create Virtual Tours