On the 6th of February 2019 we hosted another successful Virtual Reality activation and Virtual Reality Corporate VR event for ABSA Bank EXCO members. As usual the Plank experience was very well received by the audience and we had a lot of fun at this event.

Almost all the EXCO members at this event tried the virtual reality experience and almost everyone had the same reaction when the elevator doors opened, and they had to look down on the city. There is something magical about the plank experience that gets people almost every time. When the elevator doors open people cannot believe their eyes and are amazed at how virtual reality can trick their minds to believe something is real when it is not!

You can read more about our Corporate Virtual Reality Events and VR Rentals and specifically about this activation by following the link.


Ronel and Pamela enjoying every second at the event.

There is something special about seeing someones reactions when they use Virtual Reality for the first time.

Being stuck at the office most of the time doing hardcore Virtual Reality Software development and then coming to an event where you introduce someone to virtual reality for the first time is therapeutically. At this ABSA Corporate Virtual Reality event it was amazing once again to see peoples reaction when they enter VR for the first time and we enjoyed every second of the experience.

It is not work when you are having fun, and this is why we love what we do!

For more videos from the event visit Virtual Reality Corporate Team Building Events to see for yourself how people enjoy VR for the first time.

Virtual Reality Event Photographs

Here is some of the images that we took at the ABSA Bank Corporate Virtual Reality Team building session.


Ronel and Pamela assisting a client in virtual reality


Ronel Ferreira having fun at one of our Virtual Reality Team building events.


For more information about this event you can visit the Virtual Reality Team building page. If you are interested in hosting a Corporate Virtual Reality Team building event talk to us, we will make it happen!

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