We were invited to speak about Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Building Information Modelling at the INTERBUILD AFRICA 2018 Trade Show.

Digital disruption: How virtual & augmented reality  is changing the face of traditional construction mechanisms

Building information modelling (BIM) is still considered the new kid on the block and is already revolutionizing the manner in which a professional team now collaborates and completes build projects.

gerald ferreira virtual reality speaker
Our CEO Gerald Ferreira talked about “How virtual reality, mixed reality & augmented reality is changing the face of traditional construction mechanisms?”

3D Scanning, Virtual Reality and BIM Data

We use the Matterport 3D Scanner for scanning residential properties and collecting BIM data which we convert to Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality Projects. We also have access to high-end 3D Scanner which provide much more accurate information than the Matterport Scanner.

Our services offers a standard visual virtual tour of the property, however we can also convert these models for high-end virtual reality systems like the Oculus Rift or HTC VIVE virtual reality headsets. We can also use technical drawings from architects and engineers to create this type of data before a space has been built, and people can walk in the property much the same way as if the property existed in real reality and explore it before it’s been build.

Above is an example of a property which we scanned. You can walk through the virtual tour to visually inspect the house and see exactly what the property looks like.

virtual reality bim data

When we 3D Scan a property the scanner automatically measures the area which it has scanned and from there we can create blueprints of the property similar to the one above.


Top view of the property, with all fittings, furniture, tiles, floor types etc. Providing a top view blueprint of the property.

We can create sets of  BIM Data from a scan which includes:

  • Color point cloud (.xyz)
  • Reflected ceiling plan image (.jpg and .pdf)
  • High resolution floor plan image (.jpg and .pdf)
  • OBJ file of the 3D mesh (.obj)

Providing insight and valuable information about the property:

  • Architects and engineers for as-built designs
  • Construction professionals for documentation and turnover packages
  • The 3D data is accurate to within 1% of reality. Point cloud and OBJ scale: 1 unit = 1 meter.
  • Ceiling plan and floor plan images contain a scale legend.

We can further add the models into Revit or CAD and link these with existing BIM data, or use this as a platform to add more BIM data to the project.

Architecture 3D Visualization and Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Have a look at one of our Architecture 3D Visualization projects to see how we can create 3D Models, 2D Images or a Virtual Reality walk through before a space is build.

virtual reality architecture visualization

Virtual Reality and Engineering

As part of the Virtual Reality BIM Talk Gerald Ferreira also talked about Virtual Reality in Engineering and BIM Data as part of the engineering process. Read about our Virtual Reality Consulting Services to see how we can help you use technology to stand out above your competition, and how to use it internally for your own Engineering projects.

engineering virtual reality south africa
virtual reality engineering consulting services

Talking about Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality

If you are looking for someone to talk about Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality. Contact Gerald Ferreira on 072 234 7513 – Everyone is talking about the 4th Industrial Revolution, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. We are literally working in the trenches of the 4th Industrial Revolution and pioneer the Technology of the future.