We were approached by MegChem to provide them with virtual reality consulting services. They were interested in using Virtual Reality as part of their engineering processes and to look at the structures they create in 3D Modelling and Engineering software in Virtual Reality to visually inspect their design to visually identify thing that they can design better.

Most of the Engineers and Top Management haven’t experienced high-end Virtual Reality yet, and we were tasked to introduce them to high-end virtual reality and also to explain the benefits of using virtual reality in engineering and visually seeing their projects in Virtual Reality and not just only on a flat screen.

We provided them with specifications of the best virtual reality hardware  for their requirements. We took one of their existing projects and plans and re-created it in virtual reality for them to see how their own work looks in virtual reality and how they can benefit from this cutting edge technology.

engineering virtual reality south africa

We created a full functioning Virtual Reality experience as part of the consulting service. Top management could see their own projects in high-end VR, walk through the plant and visually see how their engineering projects could come to life inside Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality Consulting Services for South African Engineers.

Virtual Reality is the ideal platform to visualize designs and engineering projects. We at Mixed Reality South Africa provide consulting services to engineers and industry whom are interested in adopting virtual reality as part of their design and development process.