We were commissioned by Chilli Engine to provide a virtual reality activation for them. This included sourcing a commercial virtual reality experience for them that fitted with the theme of their event and to provide virtual reality staff for their activation in the Mall of Africa.

Chilli Engine was doing the event for National Geography whom were premiering a movie at the Mall of Africa. We were responsible for the Virtual Reality part of the activation. We used the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset for this particular activation and used a commercial climbing vr game to entertain the guests while they were waiting for everyone to arrive for the movie premiere.

Images from the Virtual Reality Event at the Mall of Africa

Below is some images of the Virtual Reality setup we did at the Mall of Africa.

Mixed Reality offers high-end Virtual Reality experience to South African companies.


This is what the Virtual Reality setup looked like. We usually provide a high-end computer system, the Oculus Rift VR headset and Television Screen.


One of the Guests enjoying the climbing virtual reality experience.


Our Virtual Reality Staff assisting a client with the Virtual Reality experience.

Virtual Reality Shopping Malls and Events

Virtual Reality is one of the best means to show your infrastructure, products or service to clients. When we immerse clients into a virtual reality experience we can control what they see in the virtual reality experience. While they are inside the virtual reality headset they are in the world that we create, and studies have shown that people pay more attention to content inside VR than they would if the same content was displayed on a Television Screen or on Paper.

Talk to us if you are interested in using virtual reality as a marketing tool. We can assist you with your Shopping Mall Virtual Reality events and can create custom content for your company.

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