We were commissioned by BBC to create custom branded virtual reality glasses for their “Be Everywhere” campaign. Due to our international exposure through Google Search the BBC found us online and asked us to create custom branded virtual reality glasses for them.

Virtual Reality Glasses Custom Branded

Image of one of the Virtual Reality Custom Branded virtual reality glasses we created for the BBC Be Anywhere campaign.


3D Render of the BBC Virtual Reality plastic branded VR Glasses

Google Inspired Custom Branded Virtual Reality Glasses

We custom developed Google Cardboard Inspired virtual reality glasses for the campaign.


Custom Virtual Reality Google Cardboard 3D Render. The headset was made out of hardboard instead of cardboard.


Image of actual Virtual Reality Glasses

Custom Branded Google Cardboard South Africa

For more examples of Custom Google Cardboard we have manufactured for clients visit our Custom Branded Google Cardboard pages.

How does these custom Virtual Reality Glasses work?

These custom virtual reality glasses work with a Virtual Reality compatible smartphone. Users can insert their VR compatible smartphones into the virtual reality glasses. The smartphone acts as the brain for the virtual reality glasses and provide the digital display for the Smartphone VR glasses. The VR glasses themselves basically contain the magnifying glasses and the housing for the glasses and the smartphone. The Virtual Reality glasses have a button on the side top of the glasses allowing people that used the VR glasses to make selections by pushing the button.

Virtual Reality Glasses Corporate Gifts

Custom Branded Virtual Reality glasses is part of the “Cheapest” range of virtual reality glasses for sale. These glasses doesn’t work on their own and needs a Virtual Reality Compatible smartphone to work. Most people have VR compatible smartphones and thus making it a affordable corporate gift for businesses that wants to give clients something awesome as part of their marketing strategy.

  • The Virtual Reality Glasses is Cheap – Price range from R129.00 to R250.00 per Virtual Reality glasses.
  • Clients can custom brand the virtual reality glasses.
  • Corporate 360° Video and Virtual Reality applications can be viewed and distributed to clients via the Virtual Reality Glasses.
  • Value for money. The client can keep the virtual reality glasses and use it for other virtual reality experiences and play VR games.