We were commissioned to create a 3D Virtual Tour for a property developer at the Vaal Dam area. The property developer have build this unit and plans to build more of these units. He needed a marketing tool to use to market the properties to people that doesn’t currently live in the area and whom are looking for Holiday Homes. The Internet has become the biggest lead generator for Real Estate Agents and Property developers to advertise their spaces and property developments.

Clients can use Virtual Tours to explore the property on their own, without the need for the property developer to be present or for the person to be at the physical location. Only once the client explored the property and is still interested in the property can they request to physically view the property.

Virtual Reality + Virtual Tours = Easy Sales

All our Virtual Tours is compatible with Virtual Reality headsets like the Oculus Go, Samsung Gear Virtual Reality headsets and Google Cardboard. They can also be viewed in browsers allowing people to explore them in high-end virtual reality devices like the Oculus Rift or the HTC VIVE virtual reality headsets.


Our Virtual Tours is compatible with Oculus Go Virtual Reality headsets.


You can also showcase your Virtual Reality headsets using the Samsung Gear VR headsets + Your Samsung Smartphone.


Google Cardboard Virtual Reality headset is also compatible with our Virtual Tours


Above is an image of the HTC VIVE virtual Reality headset. You can view the Virtual Tours in the HTC VIVE VR headset and also in the Oculus Rift VR headsets.The Virtual Tours that we create can also be viewed on Smartphones, Computers, Laptops and Tablets. We provide you with a code which you can use to embed in your own web site, or publish it to other websites if they allow you to embed code into their websites.

360° Images for Facebook Marketing

We can also provide you with some single panorama images which you can use for your Facebook marketing. Facebook allows clients to embed panorama images into their posts.


Above is a flat panorama images of the interior of the property. This image can be viewed as a 360° image in Facebook, Browser, Computer or inside a Virtual Reality Headset or our customers can use it as is as a panorama image.


360° PAnorama image taken at the Vaaldam to show the client one of the main features of the areas where the Property Development is taking place.

EXTRAS – Get Traditional Images as part of our Virtual Tour packages

When you order our Virtual Tour services we will give you high-quality additional traditional photographs of the property at no extra cost!

Floor Plans and Top Views

From the virtual tour scan we can create top views of the property at no extra charge or you can order a detailed floor plan at an extra cost with all the property measurements included in the floor plan.


Top view photograph from the Virtual Tour shoot.


Sample of a Floor plan that we can create for you – while doing a virtual tour. This plan includes measurements.

Virtual Tours South Africa

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For more information about our Virtual Tours, Our virtual tour pricing structure and all the extra’s you can get when we do your virtual tours for you talk to Ronel Ferreira on +27 72 9722 724.