We were asked to create a Virtual Reality experience and Virtual Reality education experience for South Africa drivers. The idea was to create an Education experience to showcase people why driving safely is important. This was used as part of SANRAL’s national initiative to educate people on driver safety.

Below is some images of the Virtual Reality event in Vryburg in the Northwest Province. Using virtual reality is a very effective way of showing something to someone without having to have the physical objects present in the real world. In this particular experience we taught the public why texting while driving is dangerous. The person started the experience in a car, driving down the road. He/she then gets a text message and gets distracted. At first the driver is paying more attention to the road than to his smartphone. Put as the journey progresses start focusing more on his Smartphone than on the road, almost making several accidents as they are driving. In the last scene the driver does make an accident and it clearly demonstrates why driving and texting can be deadly!


Above is a Photograph of two members of the public experiencing the Virtual Reality Driver Education application. Teaching them by showing them why driving and texting can be dangerous!


Our Virtual Reality Events team assisted people getting into the experience, and helped to maintain the hygiene at the event. They also asked everyone after experiencing the “Why it is dangerous to Text while driving” what they thought of the experience and everyone responded with Do not text while driving! Making the campaign a clear success and showcasing the power of using virtual reality in education.


We used the Oculus Go Virtual Reality headsets for this activation.  The Oculus Go is a high-quality standalone virtual reality headset ideal for showcasing Traditional Video or 360° Videos at Pop-up events.


Virtual Reality is a very effective tool to use to educate people! – When someone is immersed in the experience they are blocked off from distractions and can focus more on the experience than what they would normally do!