Virtual Reality Skiing is a extremely popular virtual reality experience for companies looking for Extreme Sports Virtual Reality experiences. We recently assisted an Events agency with one of their activation at the Gone Skiing shop in Johannesburg South Africa. The marketing company was promoting holiday packages for skiing in Lesotho. The virtual reality activation took place at the Gone Skiing shop, providing the ideal setting for promoting skiing.

They wanted to teleport people from the Gone Skiing shop to Lesotho to experience skiing for themselves. We provided the Skiing experience in Virtual Reality and people could Ski inside the store as if they were in the Lesotho mountains. The audience loved the experience and almost everyone at the event got the opportunity to Ski in virtual reality.

Virtual Reality Extreme Sport Games for Events

The Virtual Reality Ski game is one of our most popular Virtual Reality extreme sport games. We do however have many more Virtual Reality extreme sport games like the climbing game, the zip line experience, the plank and parachute jumping game to name a few.

If you are interested in a Extreme Sports virtual reality experience talk to us today for more information or to arrange a demo at our demo facility in Roodepoort, Johannesburg South Africa.


Virtual Reality SKI Game Event Images

Below is some images of the SKI game virtual reality experience.


The Gone Skiing Venue in Johannesburg South Africa – Virtual Reality Extreme Sports

Virtual Reality Events

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