We regularly assist companies with their Virtual Reality Events in Johannesburg South Africa. This time we were commissioned to assist Tourism South Africa with one of their Virtual Reality activations at the Gautrain stations around Gauteng. We were responsible for the rental of the virtual reality devices as well as to provide professionally trained virtual reality staff to assist clients getting into the virtual reality experiences and to maintain the hygiene of the Virtual Reality headsets.


One of the public experiencing Mobile Virtual Reality and visiting some of the places that was filmed using 360° video experiencing some awesome destinations in South Africa right from the Gautrain Station where he was waiting to board a train.


Virtual Reality Events Gautrain Train Station


We specialize in Virtual Reality Events, Virtual Reality equipment hiring and providing staffing for companies doing Virtual Reality events.

Professional Virtual Reality Services for Events

If you are interested in exploring how virtual reality can benefit your business talk to us. We are a professional virtual reality, mixed reality and augmented reality company, specializing in Virtual Reality for events. We can provide you with professional trained staff to assist you and your clients in getting into virtual reality experiences.

Our staff make sure the client have a awesome virtual reality experience and also maintain hygiene throughout the event. We can create 360° video and virtual reality marketing material and also provide high end Virtual Reality custom content and application development!We have done several Virtual Reality Events specifically for the tourism industry.

Have a look at the VR events we have done for KwaZulu Natal Tourism for inspiration for your Virtual Reality events.