Virtual Reality Events

We create Virtual Reality Expo's and Virtual Reality Events - The experience allow clients to experience events as if they are physically at the event.
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Covid-19 has changed the way we work, companies and employees have discovered the power of remote working. Virtual Reality Events will form part of the 4th Industrial Revolution and is time for Events industry to discover the power of online events.

Virtual Reality Events Features

Added features include :

avatars side

avatars side

Customizable Avatars

Customize your avatar to look like you ! Choose from different hairstyles, beard styles, skin tone and facial features as well as shirt colors.

boardroom vr

Boardroom VR

Virtual Meetings

Host Private or Public meetings in our Virtual Boardrooms, allowing for users to collaborate and engage with clients or employees.

virtual conference

Virtual Conference

Virtual Conferences

Host Private or Public conferences and engage with your clients.

press conference

Press Conference

Virtual Press Conferences

Host Private or Public Virtual Press Conferences and allow clients to engage.

zoom logo

Zoom Logo

Zoom Integration

Traditional forms of communication like Skype, Zoom etc can be integrated into the events application which will allow users without VR Headsets to be a part of the meetings and conferences.

optional extras

Optional Extras

Optional Extras

Optional Extras will make your Virtual Stand, stand out from the rest of the competition. Take your Stand to the next level.

Virtual Stand Sizes

Below are some of the different Stand Sizes you will find in the application.

3x3 stand

3×3 Stand

3×3 Virtual Stand

3x6 stand

3×6 Stand

3×6 Virtual Stand

3x9 stand

3×9 Stand

3×9 Virtual Stand

6x6 stand

6×6 stand

6×6 Virtual Stand

custom stand

Custom Stand

Custom Virtual Stand



Virtual Exhibition



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