Virtual Reality is the current leading emerging technology worldwide. With it’s ability to immerse the user into a virtual environment one of the top applications for Virtual Reality is Education. Here we are at the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre in Johannesburg South Africa showcasing Virtual Reality to School Children.

We were invited to the Sci-Bono Discovery Center to introduce virtual reality to school children visiting the science center. This is one of the biggest Science Centers for School children in South Africa.


Sci-Bono is a world-class science centre that supports maths, science and technology education and offers innovative, dynamic learning experiences that contribute to building South Africa’s science, engineering and technology capacity.


The School children most of them whom experienced Virtual Reality for the first time loved the opportunity.

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The School Children loved every-moment of the Virtual Reality demonstration and this was possibly one of our most busiest virtual reality activation ever, we literally had thousands of kids going through the experience one after another.

Virtual Reality for Education is one of the most powerful mediums students and teachers can use to learn about stuff, places, history, biology, engineering and geography! Learners can be transported from one learning experience to the other, it is fully immersive and interactive and there is little distractions from the outside world when people are inside the Virtual Reality experience. Studies have shown that students learn better in Virtual Reality than using traditional teaching methods.

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Virtual Reality can benefit everyone. People that is more privileged than others can benefit from virtual reality education as well as people from less privileged communities. The beauty of Virtual Reality is that you do not need fancy infrastructure or fancy science labs or buildings for it to work. When you have the basic equipment you can Teleport people into these infrastructures and fancy buildings and science labs without these being physically present at the place where the person is using Virtual Reality. VR teleports the person into the infrastructure and is something that can benefit all students in South Africa.

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Learners at the Sci-Bono Education Center got to experience High-End Virtual Reality and they loved every moment of it! High-End virtual reality systems like the HTC VIVE allows kids to completely get immersed into the experience. The HTC VIVE is a Room-scale 6 DOF hardware system that allows people to touch stuff in virtual reality and to move in virtual reality as they would in real life. They can walk around stuff, pick up stuff and completely interact with the virtual world if the experience permits it.

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