We created a Virtual Reality Education Game for Extramarks South Africa. Extramarks is an online educational platform. The Virtual Reality education game which we created for them was used as a marketing tool for them to sign up new users to their online education platform.

The Virtual Reality Educational Game was used at events in Malls across South Africa from Durban, to Johannesburg, Pretoria and even in Cape Town.

Images of the Virtual Reality Educational Tour Umshlanga Durban South Africa

The Virtual Reality Educational game was a huge success and everywhere we took it people loved it! Children and even adults played the game, and after the experience exactly new how the experiment worked! Below is some images of the Virtual Reality Education Activation in Umshlanga, KwaZulu Natal.


From old to young could play the Virtual Reality Education Game. Virtual Reality is one of the best tools to use for education. High-End virtual reality allows students to interact with objects inside VR similar to how they would in real life.


This kid was barely 6 years old, and tried the Virtual Reality Education game. Kids love to play games and the experience came very natural to her.

vr education and training south africa

The Virtual Reality Education experience attracted thousands of people to the stand. Wanting to try out the experience for themselves and to find out what the hype is about virtual reality and how this technology can become a fun activity for children to learn.


The Virtual Reality Education game – Science Experiment. In the game students were asked to do the Copper-Sulfate and Iron Experiment. The steps were explained by a Virtual Teacher inside the experiment guiding the students step by step through the experiment.


Virtual Reality when combined with a big screen monitor offers a lot of spectator value, it is a draw card for attracting people to your stand.


People could not believe how easy small kids found the experience.


Our Virtual Reality Staff members are trained to provide high-quality assistance to the person inside the VR experience. They are there to assist the player with the experience and to guide them and help them if they get stuck in the experience. They also maintain hygiene at Virtual Reality events and make sure people enjoy the experience and that the technology works!


High-End virtual reality systems like the HTC VIVE allows people to experience Virtual Reality similar to how we experience real life. In high end virtual reality systems people can move around in VR much the same way as they do in Real life.

We Developed the Virtual Reality Educational Game

We are proud of the Virtual Reality Education game that we developed for this Virtual Reality activation and events. In the game students are guided by a Virtual Reality teacher to do science experiments. In the experiment kids can pick up objects, and interact with the object and follow the lesson. The Virtual Reality Teacher tells them step by step what to do and how the experiment works.

Talk to us if you are interested to learn more about Virtual Reality and how virtual reality can be used for training and education.