We were commissioned by Standard Bank South Africa to assist them with a Virtual Reality Cricket game at one of their events. They wanted to provide people at the event with a fun activity and decided to use the Virtual Reality Cricket game as one of the experiences.

The people at the bank event loved the virtual reality cricket game, and it offered them a fun activity breaking away from the corporate stuff. The virtual reality cricket game also provided lots of spectator value, and people crowded and cheered the person playing the virtual reality cricket game.


Everyone enjoyed the Virtual Reality Cricket Game


Virtual Reality Cricket Game – Standard Bank South Africa Event


The Virtual Reality Cricket experience offered lots of spectator value


Someone hitting a 6 while playing the VR Cricket game


Someone enjoying the Virtual Reality experience – providing some fun activities at corporate events.

VR Cricket game and Virtual Reality Events

We have several Virtual Reality games that can be used at events to provide entertainment and break-away sessions from your corporate sessions. For more information about our Virtual Reality Events service offering visit our VR Events pages where you can view some of the events we did in the past. This will give you a good idea of what we can do and also shows how much people enjoy Virtual Reality activation at events!

Our Virtual Reality events team are professionally trained to assist clients into virtual reality experiences. They help people with no virtual reality experience to experience VR for the first time, the love what they do and there mission is to give every first time Virtual Reality user a awesome experience.

If you are interested in using virtual reality at your events, talk to Ronel Ferreira at +27 072 234 7513 for more information. She will help you plan your next Virtual Reality event.