We are extremely passionate about virtual reality and we love to share the experience with as many people as we can. We usually do not do Virtual Reality Birthday Parties but because of our passion to bring Virtual Reality to as many people as we can, we could not say no! Our main focus with our Mixed Reality company is corporate clients and businesses.

We did however agree to doing the Virtual Reality Birthday Party and enjoyed every moment of it. It was awesome to see how these kids enjoyed the experience. Since then we now offer it as part of our Virtual Reality activation and events services!


Image from the Virtual Reality Birthday Party.


Our Virtual Reality Staff is professional and are there to assist clients with their virtual reality experiences and to maintain hygiene at events.


Kids at the Virtual Reality Birthday party loved the VR experience!

virtual reality birthday events

VR Birthday Parties and Events

We offer a large range of different Virtual Reality services. These services now include Virtual Reality for Birthday Parties. We also do Virtual Reality Team Building events and assist clients with their virtual reality activation. If you are interested in getting Virtual Reality for your next event, talk to us – we are passionate about virtual reality and can help you with creating an unforgettable VR experience for your next big event.

For a more complete list of our Virtual Reality Events go to our Virtual Reality Event page.

Our Virtual Reality Team will help make your virtual reality event stand out!