Mixed Reality were invited to talk about virtual reality at the Innovation Hub in Pretoria South Africa. Gerald Ferreira one of the founders of Mixed Reality South Africa is one of the most experienced virtual reality innovators and entrepreneurs in South Africa. He started experimenting with virtual reality in 1998 and is today considered to be the authority in Virtual Reality in South Africa.


Gerald Ferreira talking about Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality at the innovation hub in Pretoria South Africa.

Virtual Reality Speaker

If you are looking for someone to talk about the 4th Industrial Revolution, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality talk to us. Gerald Ferreira one of the founding members of Mixed Reality South Africa might be perfect for your event.

He’s been working in the virtual reality industry since 1998 have extensive experience in the industry, talked on CNBCA, featured in various magazines, spoke at events like AfricaCon, the Electricity Show, Social Media Conference on Radio and many more.