In 2013 and 2014 we exhibited virtual reality at the Johannesburg Motorcycle Show. This was the first time Virtual Reality was showcased at a Motorcycle show in South Africa.

This event happened one year before Google Launched Google Cardboard and the Samsung Gear VR headset was not launched yet. Almost nobody at the time talked about Virtual Reality and there wasn’t any mainstream VR headsets yet. We also developed our own 360° Camera Rig system and used it to create a Virtual Tour of the 2013 Johannesburg Motorcycle Show as well as the 2014 Johannesburg Motorcycle show.

This was early days for Virtual Reality and there wasn’t commercial 360° Video cameras available yet. This was way before the Samsung Gear 360 camera, Gopro Fusion or Insta360 cameras existed!


Our Virtual Reality Stand at the Johannesburg Motor Show 2013


Virtual Reality at Events

Virtual Reality Google Cardboard 2014

We again exhibited at the Johannesburg Motorcycle Show in 2014. This time we had a virtual reality Google Cardboard device and showcased it to the visitors at the Motorcycle Show. Watch the video to see how people reacted when seeing Virtual Reality for the first time!

We showcased a Virtual Tour in Virtual Reality of the Motorcycle Show which we did the previous year, effectively taking people back into the past by showing them what the Motorcycle Show looked like the previous year!

Virtual Tour of the Johannesburg Motorcycle Show

Below is a extract from the Virtual Tour that we created of the Johannesburg Motorcycle Show.

Virtual Reality at Events

Today we have a professional Virtual Reality Events team that assist exhibitors and clients at Expo’s, Trade Shows and Events all around South Africa. If you are interested in using Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality talk to us!