Ushaka Marine World Durban Virtual Reality 360° Video

October 28, 2016 GeraldFerreira

We were commissioned by Ushaka Marine World in Durban South Africa to create a 360° video for them. Ushaka Marine World is one of the top tourism destinations in Durban South Africa. We created several 360° videos for them including a 360° Zulu Dance video, 360° Dolphin Show, 360° Water Slide and 360° Dangerous Creatures 360° video.


Above is a photograph of  the ZULU dancers and our Self-Developed 360° Video Camera during our 360° video shoot at Ushaka Marine World.

Ushaka Marine World 360° Video Dolphin Show

Below is a photograph of our waterproof 360° video camera. The photograph was taken during our 360° video shoot that took place at the Dolphin show in Durban South Africa.


360° Video - Dangerous Creatures Ushaka Durban, KwaZulu Natal

Below is photograph of one of the Snake handlers at USHAKA marine and our 360° video camera during the Dangerous Creatures shoot.




A bright green snake that inhabits coastal KZN and is usually only found within a few kilometres of the sea. It is often confused with harmless green snakes of the genus Philothamnus and the green Boomslang.

Just ONE of the DANGEROUS creatures at the USHAKA Marine World.

360° Video Camera - Beach View, Durban, KwaZulu Natal

Below is photograph of our 360° Video Camera on the beach in front of Ushaka Marine World in Durban during our shoot of Ushaka Marine World.


Taking a 360° video in-front of Ushaka Marine World Durban South Africa.


Our 360° Camera taking a 360° video on the beach.

360° Panorama Image Dolphin Show Ushaka Marine World Durban

Below is a panorama image that we took as part of the 360° video shoot at Ushaka Durban.


Virtual Reality Events

Below is a photograph of one of the Ushaka events.


Image of one of Ushaka Marine World Exhibitions where they used the 360° Videos.

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