We were commissioned by The Laughing Cow South Africa to create a high-end virtual reality experience for them. They wanted to promote their product in malls and online at the same time. We were asked to develop a high-end virtual reality experience for them that would work at an event in a mall as well as online on Facebook.

As a result, we created a game like “Where is Waldo” where players looked at pictures and had to find the laughing cow inside the pictures. These pictures were theme based on South Africa to make it more interesting for South Africans. We transported players in Virtual Reality to a Cape Town scene and to the Kruger National park where they needed to find the laughing cow.

The online version of “The laughing Cow” virtual reality experience could be played on Facebook without the need of Virtual Reality Glasses. However, people could also play it online in Virtual Reality using either the Samsung Gear Virtual Reality headset or the Samsung Gear Virtual Reality headsets. For the Mall activation we used the High-End HTC VIVE virtual reality system and people could watch the experience on Big screens adding some spectator value to the virtual reality activation. People literally queued to experience “The Laughing Cow” virtual reality game and it drawn people to the Laughing Cow stand! All in all the Laughing Cow virtual reality activation was a great success both online and at the actual Mall virtual reality activation.

the laughing cow virtual reality experience

Image of one of the persons at the event trying out “The Laughing Cow” virtual reality game.


The Laughing Cow Virtual Reality Game in the High-End HTC VIVE system.


The laughing Cow Virtual Reality Game

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