We were approached by Assegai and Javelin to create an Augmented Reality application for Dube TradePort. The idea was to create an experience for visitors to Dube TradePort to experience the Dube TradePort and Durban Aerotropolis in Augmented Reality while exploring the 3D Printed model of the Durban Aerotropolis.

Visitors to Dube City where the 3D Model of the Durban Aerotropolis is located can download the application on their phones and then experience the development in Augmented Reality by pointing their phones to the 3D Model.


Minister Ebrahim Patel the Minister of Economic Development of the Republic of South Africa also tried out the Dube TradePort Augmented Reality experience.


Above is an image of the actual 3D Model and some VIP’s exploring the Map at the launch event.

augmented-reality-applicationThe Dube TradePort Augmented Reality application was developed to work with printed media as well. This makes it accessible to anyone in the world to learn more about the Dube TradePort development.  By simply downloading the Augmented Reality application and exploring the map.

You can experience it by downloading the app from Google Play or the iStore.[ut_header title_linebreak_mobile=”on” lead_linebreak_mobile=”on” title=”The Durban Aerotropolis Map”]You can download the Durban Aerotropolis map as well as the Dube TradePort application which is available from Google Play for android devices or the iStore for Apple devices.Durban Aerotropolis Map Marker