We were commissioned by Neotel to create a 360° video for them for the MyBroadband Conference in 2016. The concept of the video was to show how Neotel Internet benefit clients. We started the video in Soweto at the Orlando Towers in Soweto.

We then traveled on small roads towards the highway with the 360° video speeding up exponential as we got closer to the Neotel offices in Midrand, Johannesburg South Africa. Showing in a meaningful way how Neotel benefits their clients by providing them with high speed internet.

All-in-one Virtual Reality Headsets

We were possibly the first Virtual Reality company in South Africa to import these All-in-one Virtual Reality headsets into South Africa. These headsets allowed us to show the 360° video that we created for them without using Smartphone Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality Rentals and VR Activation Staff

We provided Neotel with highly trained VR staff to assist them at the MyBroadband Conference. Our Virtual Reality staff is highly trained to give each and every client a awesome virtual reality experience!