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We develop custom content and custom virtual reality experiences for the tourism industry.
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We assisted KwaZulu Natal Tourism and Splendid Marketing with Virtual Reality events across the country and in Botswana.

The purpose of the event was to market KwaZulu Natal as one of the “Go to” Tourism destinations in South Africa. Usually events can be boring and something that passers-by easily ignore.  This is not the case with virtual reality. By using virtual reality, we tickle passer-by and convert them to clients or potential clients.

When people see other people in Virtual Reality usually their curiosity gets the better of them, and they also want to experience the virtual reality experience. This gives activation staff the ideal opportunity to speak to potential clients while they wait in line to also experience the virtual reality experience. Once they are in the VR experience, they learn more about the product offering without distractions which they might not have been interested if another medium was used to influence their decision to learn more about the product offering. In many cases this would also be the first time for clients to experience high-end virtual reality and it is almost guaranteed that they will tell more people of this experience that they would if it was experienced through another medium.

Virtual Reality Event Video Highlights.

Watch the video below to see how interactive a Virtual Reality event can be, and how people enjoy it!

How can you use Virtual Reality at your next event?

We have a whole range of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality services that we can provide to assist you with your event and marketing campaign.

  • We can create a virtual reality event plan for your company.
  • Develop Custom Virtual Reality software for your campaign.
  • Use commercial available software or games for your virtual reality campaign.
  • Create 360° videos from scratch for your virtual reality event.
  • Create Virtual Tours of your spaces to showcase your infrastructure or services to your clients at events as if they are physically at your space.

Our Virtual Reality Team is highly trained to provide you with professional Virtual Reality activation and support. They will assist your clients into the experiences, maintain hygiene at these events and make sure that each and every client have the ultimate virtual reality experience of your business at the event!

For more information about this Virtual Reality Tourism activation you can go to the KwaZulu Natal Virtual Reality pages for more information.

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