Most people think that they CAN Sing until they sing in front of a crowd.


We created the Virtual Reality Karaoke Game for DSTV South Africa
More About the Karaoke Virtual Reality game

Everyone loves to sing sometimes…

We were contracted to create a custom Virtual Reality Game for DSTV to use at various Idols activation around the country.  The idea was to create a virtual reality karaoke game and get people to sing as part of the DSTV activation and promotions at the Pretoria State Theater.

Watch the video below to get more information about the Karaoke Virtual Reality game.


Screenshot of the Virtual Reality Karaoke Game that we developed. We use the Unity Gaming engine for most of our Virtual Reality Game developments. Talk to us today if you are interested to get your own Virtual Reality game developed!

karaoke-virtual-reality-gameWe developed the Karaoke Game using the Unity Gaming Engine. Above is an image from the virtual reality karaoke game.

Virtual Reality Karaoke Game Video

Below is some video from the Virtual Reality Events and Activation we did at the Pretoria State Theater as part of DSTV’s presence at the live Idols Broadcast.

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