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We were recently contracted by AGCO (NYSE:AGCO) to create a virtual reality experience for them. AGCO is one of the world’s biggest Agricultural companies. Some of their Brands include  Challenger®, Fendt®, GSI®, Massey Ferguson® and Valtra® to name a few.

We were given the task to create a high-end virtual reality experience that could assist them with a exhibition in Germany at Messe Berlin as part of the International Green Week 2019 festival. The Green Week is the world’s biggest trade fair for food, agriculture and gardening and attracts more than 400 000 visitors.

Tractors are not the easiest thing to move from one place to another, and they were looking for a technology solution to showcase their Farm in a Box concept without having to move the physical equipment and infrastructure to the venue.

We proposed the development of a custom virtual reality solution for them, that would allow people to experience the Farm in Zambia and the Farm in a Box experience in Germany using the HTC VIVE virtual reality system.

Hence we were contracted by them to create a high-end virtual reality experience for their clients, and to also assist them with the event and activation in Germany at the Messe Berlin expo center.

Creating the custom Virtual Reality experience from Photographs.

Due to time constraints we only had two weeks to develop the custom virtual reality solution for farm in a box. There wasn’t time to fly down to Zambia to scan the farm environment or to take pictures of the farm. Luckily AGCO had some pictures that they could share with us, and we were able to create the virtual reality experience from these photographs.


This is an actual photograph of the “Farm in a Box” concept from Zambia. We had to model the Farm in a Box from scratch from this photograph.


This is a 2D image of the 3D Virtual Reality Farm in a Box virtual reality experience that we have created from the photograph on the left. (Please note once you are in VR it looks 100 times more realistic than on the 2D image).


Here is the real photograph from the Zambia Farm of the Massey Ferguson 4708 tractor, and on the left you can see the container and tractor that we created in Virtual Reality – all from scratch.


2D Image of the Farm in a Box 3D model of the tractor and container that we created in Virtual Reality. The angle of the 2D image is slightly different that the image on the right but other than that it looks very similar to the real thing.


2D Image of the interior of the container. Inside the container is a small office for the farmer. In the virtual reality system you can interact with all the elements on the desk and also read more about farm in a box from the picture frames.


Part of the concept includes service parts for the tractor and also other tools like a compressor, power tools, workbench which we included in the final virtual reality farm experience.


This is what the farm looks like after the customer completed the various goals of the experience teaching them about the Farm in a Box concept. Once completed the player (customer) can explore the farm on his/her own by teleport from one spot to the other.

Images from Messe Berlin Germany - The Virtual Reality Farm Experience

Below is some pictures of the people at Messe Berlin Germany who tried the Virtual Reality experience. The client setup a stand that resembled a container with 2 x High-End HTC VIVE virtual reality systems. The simplicity of the stand, its relevance and the Virtual Reality Tech attracted thousands of people to the stand.


Here is some candid video that we took of some of the clients at the Virtual Reality event in Germany where we showcased the experience.

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